Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol misuse is defined as a pattern of drinking that results in harm to ones’ health, personal relationship or ability to work.
Drug misuse is defined as the use of substance for a purpose not consistent with legal or medical guidelines (WHO 2006). It may result in harm to ones’ health, personal relationships or ability to work.
Alcohol and drugs have a strong effect on the brain and the body, lowering inhibitions, impairing judgement, affecting memory and impacting on your mental health.
If you feel you may have put yourself at risk from a sexually transmitted infection you can now access self-testing from the comfort of your own home, without having to visit a clinic.
This service is available to people aged 16 and over, who do not have any symptoms (asymptomatic) If you do have symptoms,  home testing is not right for you.

Please contact the service on 01695 656550 to book a telephone triage and you will be given further advice.
Completing the tests are easy and full instructions are provided. It is important to complete the test and return it as soon as possible after you have taken your samples.
To order you home STI testing kit click here.

For more information on alcohol and drugs please visit:

We are with you Sefton (under18s)

Ambition Sefton(all ages)
Talk to Frank (all ages)
Alcoholics Anonymous (all ages)

For Emotional & Mental Health Support:

Talking Matters Sefton (over 18) 0300 303 2708

Samaritans (all ages)  116 123

CALM (all ages) 0800 585858

Childline (under 18)  0800 1111

Kooth (under 18) (web based support)